Mario Leduc

French Translator Toronto

In French Professional Translations is owned and operated by Mario Leduc, a French translator in Toronto, Ontario. Mario has an MA in literature, a certificate in creative writing and 15 years of experience in translation, proofreading and writing. He has worked in many industries and also has extensive experience in marketing and communications, having worked for or with big industry players such as Cossette, Bimm and Bleublancrouge.

Mario has a passion for the written word and is the author of a children’s book (Le fidèle compagnon de grand-père), two essays (Plume Latraverse, masqué/démasqué and “Le bonheur autrement. L’héritage décrié de Robinson Crusoé dans Les Grandes Marées de Jacques Poulin”) as well as several short stories and articles featured in various publications such as L’Express de Toronto.

Plume Latraverse masqué/démasquéLe fidèle compagnon de grand-père


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